amaryllis charity school swazilandA New School for Swaziland

After almost three years of design, development and construction, Amaryllis Group Holdings is pleased to announce the completion of its second project in Africa. The school near Ngwenya is equipped to support primary & high school pupils from the age of seven to sixteen. Amaryllis would like to thank its partners; Water Aid, Build Aid, The Rotarians of South Africa and Nestle for all their support and hard work in achieving this fantastic facility.

Pinedene school was constructed entirely from pre-fabricated units that were transported on lorries and erected onsite.

Deep well drilling was undertaken by Water Aid in order to secure an unlimited supply of fresh water. It took almost three months to reach the water table nearly 35 metres below the surface. The school is fully equipped with the latest sports and technology and can accommodate fourteen hundred pupils in its classrooms with no more than 25 students to a class.

amaryllis charity knitting for swazilandKent ladies knitting for Swaziland.

Since the commencement of the build, Mrs. Susan Ransom from Kent gathered together, a small team of friends and set about knitting hundreds of school clothing in the school colours of course. Every month the finished products were shipped along with the regular shipment of building materials from the Uk.

We send our grateful thanks to them for all their hard work and diligence in ensuring that every pupil received a garment. They can rest easy now but, not for too long. We hope to build to more in the next five years!